Friends of Spurn was created in 2003 to raise funds to purchase a new Observatory building, we have turned that dream into a reality and we opened our new Observatory building in March 2016. The new building is very impressive, with modern facilities this is the ideal base for a birder visiting the Spurn area. However this building didn’t come cheap and we had to take on a mortgage in order to purchase the building. In order to continue to pay the mortgage we need the continuing support of our members and to recruit new members.

As our membership base has grown particularly in recent years this has enabled us to increase the amount of work we do as an Observatory, creating habitat for birds on our land in the Obs Garden, Church Field, Corner Field and our newly-acquired land at Bluebell Ponds, improving the annual Spurn Wildlife report and building a wooden cabin in the Obs garden to accommodate volunteers for years to come.

By becoming a Friend of Spurn you’re helping to support all the work we do as an Observatory. In return you will receive;

  • Discounted accommodation at the Observatory, just £16 a night instead of £20.
  • A copy of the critically acclaimed annual report, Spurn Wildlife, for the year that you are a member
  • Our regular newsletter into your email inbox to keep you up to date with news and events here at Spurn.
  • Access to the Observatory Garden, Corner Field, Church Field newly-acquired land at Bluebell Ponds, which have hosted Blyth’s Reed and Pallas's Grasshopper Warblers, Iberian Chiffchaff, Dusky, Radde's and Arctic Warblers, Arctic Redpoll, Little, Rustic and Ortolan Buntings in the last few years! Can you afford not to have access? It could be the ‘BIG’ one next!
  • New in 2018 is our viewing platform, kindly financed by British Birds, access for this is for Friends of Spurn only and despite only being opened in September 2018 a Pallid Swift has already been found from the platform!

We hope to develop these benefits as our membership continues to grow, watch this space for future exciting developments.

Membership to Friends of Spurn runs from 1st September until 31st August the following year, this is to make renewals easier during a time of the year that most members come to visit Spurn. Therefore if you join before the 1st June your membership will run until 31st August that year, but if you join after 1st June then you get 3 months 'free' membership and your membership will run until 31st August the following year.

We now offer free digital membership for under 18's, drop us an email on info at to sign up

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Hiring a Radio at Spurn

We can now offer hire of one-way (listener only) radios here at Spurn. £5 a day, £15 Mon-Fri, £20 Mon-Sun. Hire is from Kew Villa. Booking necessary. Contact Jonnie on spurnbirdobs.jonnie at to enquire.

Obtaining a Spurn radio procedure

Here at Spurn Bird Observatory we have our own private radio system for the sharing of bird news of interest in the area. This system is designed for use by regular visitors to the area, those who visit on more than a handful of times a year. If you only visit a handful of weekends a year then the best way to receive bird news for the area is to follow us on Twitter, @spurnbirdobs and turn on notifications, this way when birding in the area you will receive alerts almost as quickly as you would if you had a radio. Phone signal is improving all the time in the area and at the time of writing most networks will give 3G signal throughout the area, with 4G in most spots, so a radio is no longer needed to be able to find out what is around when visiting the area.

A Spurn radio will cost you around £170, as well as a £15 a year licence fee. This is not a cheap method of getting bird news in the area and is designed for those visiting very regularly. There are two types of radio on our system, 2 way-radios where you can listen and speak, and 1-way radios where you can only listen. If you want a radio but are not that regular of a visitor then you may start out with a 1-way radio, this is what the majority of users require in the area, a way of finding out what is in the area. This will be decided based on your answers in the application form. Only members of Friends of Spurn are able to purchase a radio.

Spurn radios can only be purchased from Radphone in Hull, after prior authorisation from SBOT. 

To obtain a Spurn Radio follow the steps below.

1. Send an email to info at requesting a radio application form.

2. Fill out the application form and send it back to us.

3. You will then hear back on your application. Should you be successful you will then need to
pay the £15 annual fee (payable from 1st September-31st August) and sign a copy of the
radio agreement in person at Kew Villa or the Obs.

4. We will then inform Radphone of your details and you will be able to purchase a radio from

Help take Spurn to the next level

To help take Spurn to the next level and become a member, simply choose a payment option below.