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04 August 2020

Migration watches: 0555-1000, 1650-2200.

The pace of autumn migration is beginning to quicken and it won’t be long before the first Pied Flycatchers and the like are regular mentions. Today another 2 Wood Warbler were seen, with a single trapped at Kew and one on Vicars lane, while other migrant totals were 31 Willow Warbler, a Wheatear, 3 Whinchat and 2 Tree Pipit. There was...

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Eastern Subalpine Warbler

Today we recieved news that the Subalpine Warbler trapped and ringed at Kew on 31st May 2020, has mtDNA of an Eastern!

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Operations Manager Appointment

The directors and committee of Spurn Bird Observatory are pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Jones as our new Operations Manager...

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Spurn Bird Observatory Accommodation Update

After a meeting between SBOT staff and directors, we have decided to open the Observatory accommodation for bookings on an exclusive only basis from Monday 13th July 2020 until 16th August and thereafter during weekdays up to 31st. An update for beyond 31st August will follow.

This means that family groups etc. can book the whole Observatory building for their exclusive use. Guests will be required to bring ALL their own bedding and towels.

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Observatory Work

Spurn Bird Observatory is Britain’s most exciting east coast birding location and has provided accommodation for nearly sixty years for thousands of people who enjoy watching birds and other wildlife.

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We can offer a fresh modern hostel-style accommodation for 13 guests. With impressive views over the Humber estuary, the Spurn Bird Observatory building is situated in Kilnsea, at the northern end of the Spurn Peninsula.

Our accommodation consists of three bedrooms upstairs, with three single beds in the back room and three single beds and one bunk bed in the two front rooms, one downstairs bedroom with two single beds, two bathrooms upstairs each with a toilet/washbasin and shower cubicle.

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Support us

As our membership base has grown particularly in recent years this has enabled us to increase the amount of work we do as an Observatory, creating habitat for birds on our land in the Obs Garden, Church Field and Corner Field, improving the annual Spurn Wildlife report and building a log cabin in the Obs garden to accommodate volunteers for years to come.

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Become a friend of Spurn, get MigFest tickets or take a look at our Spurn clothing range from Beanie Hats to Puffa Jackets.

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Youth Engagement

Spurn Bird Observatory has a long standing tradition of supporting young people with a keen interest in birding, ringing, and all things ornithological.

Over the years, many birders have spent time at the Obs in their younger days, where they have been encouraged to hone their skills and experience and develop a life-long passion for birds. Many have continued to return year after year, becoming ‘regulars’ and ‘Friends of Spurn’, whose love of Spurn draws them back frequently to witness all that the amazing birding year has to offer.

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