The twenty-sixth annual Michael Clegg Memorial Birdrace took place on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd January 2022 (teams chose which day to compete).

For the second year it was in effect a 'green' event with no vehicles allowed, teams covered their chosen site on foot or with peddle-power so there were no chances of spreading Covid in the close confines of a car. And again, all teams reported having a very enjoyable day in the field.

It was an incredibly mild start to the New Year with record-breaking high temperatures across the region. Most Sunday teams experienced rain at the start and end of the day and the Monday teams had a stronger wind to cope with.

Final scores have been submitted by twenty-nine (29) teams, although I know of other teams who signalled their intention to take part but sent in no scores!


York Upstarts (York)                                      97 species    cycled & walked 32 miles

Yorkshire Terriers (York)                               91 species

Hull Valley Hurriers                                       84 species   cycled and walked 45 miles, all in wellies

Gooligans (Goole area)                                74 species   cycled and walked 41 miles

Kilnsea Nomads (Spurn area)                     73 species)  cycled and walked 15 miles

Acomb Bikers (York)                                     58 species



Scarborough Coasters                                      87 species   16 miles walked

LEOdiens (St, Aidens & Swillington)              82 species    14 miles walked

Old Moor-ons (Old Moor)                               81 species   10.5 miles walked

Fairburn Birders                                                80 species   10 miles walked

Whelbirders (Wheldrake)                               77 species   10 miles walked

Team Tophill (Tophill Low)                              75 species    7 miles walked

Wintersett Try-ers (Wintersett)                     74 species    22 kms walked

Derbyshire Trespassers (Sheffield)                72 species

Hornseameres (Hornsea)                               70 species   13 miles walked

Seskumegas (South Kirkby area)                   67 species   12 miles walked

Filey Originals (Filey)                                       67 species

Dalby Lowlisters (Scarborough)                    66 species   12.5 miles walked

Lower Wharfe (York)                                       65 species

Touter-elles (St. Aidens & Swillington)         60 species   8 miles walked    

Seaside Stroller (Easington)                           59 species   6 miles walked

3 Ducks (St. Aidens)                                         58 species

Nostell No-hopers (Nostell)                            57 species   8 miles walked

East York RSPB (Tophill Low)                           57 species

Birdman & Robin (York)                                   56 species   9 miles walked

Pete & his Bedraggled Dog (Scarborough)   55 species   10 miles walked

Bempton-ites (Bempton)                                 52 species

Dringhouse Walkers (York)                              43 species

Ulleskelf mires (York)                                       22 species


Apologies to any teams that took part and I haven't included, I can only use the information that I have.

A massive thank you to ALL who took part and to all sponsors.

All this years funds raised are to help North Yorkshire's Turtle Doves.

We will be doing it all again next January!

Graham Speight

SBOT Committee member

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Posted: 10 January 2022