After another lockdown winter, we are really hoping to be able to run regular weekend work parties over the November 2021 - March 2022 period. 
As ever, we are offering free accommodation on the Friday and Saturday nights for volunteers, and a cooked brunch and much tea & coffee on the Saturday is included! If you wish to stay at the Observatory please email Jonnie on accommodation.spurnbirdobs at hotmail dot com (replace the 'at' with @ and dot with .com). Please find more information about the planned work parties, so you can make the necessary arrangement to attend your preferred Saturday! Each work party begins at 09.00hrs and finished up around 15.30-16.00hrs. 

Saturday 27th November 2021 - Corner Field, cut and removal of dead growth, bramble and scrub ready for regeneration in 2022. Brash clearance for new pathways and thickening out willow strips. Wellies or waterproof walking boots recommended. 

Saturday 11th December 2021 - Coppicing willows and shrubs in Church Field, raking and burning off of rank grassland ready for new meadow growth in spring 2022. Wellies or waterproof walking boots recommended. 

Saturday 15th January 2022 - Beacon Ponds - sea-buckthorn control in the Little Tern colony confines, beachclean and raft dismantling - ready for the 2022 Little Tern season. Wellies or waterproof walking boots recommended.

Saturday 29th January 2022 - Redecoration of the Observatory building: painting the interior and DIY. Bring own overalls or work clothes! 

Sat 19th February 2022 - Removal of the Point hollow Heligoland trap and replacement of benches along the peninsula (made by SBOT's Graham Speight).

Saturday 5th March 2022 - TBC

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Posted: 27 October 2021