On 22nd February, our Prime Minister announced the spring 2021 ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’, with a guide to when we may be able to expect current restrictions to ease. A full breakdown can be found here: The response comes in four stages, each with an earliest planned date of implementation, subject to the ongoing success of the vaccine rollout and fall in infection rates.

With the proviso that these dates are the very earliest for the following steps out of lockdown, we have outlined what this means for us and our accommodation options here at Spurn Bird Observatory:

We are now in: Stage Three: 17th May

From the 17th May at the earliest, most legal restrictions on meeting others outdoors will be lifted – although gatherings of over 30 people will remain illegal. Please bear this in mind when visiting the Spurn area from this time and avoid large gatherings on site.

Indoors, the Rule of Six or two households will apply and we will open the Observatory building accommodation further for ‘bubble bookings’. Each room can be booked by one household/bubble. We have also put in place widespread COVID-safe protocols for the accommodation and communal areas, with staggered times for kitchen use etc. to prevent mixing of households. Full details, including nightly rates, are available upon email request and will be sent out for every booking in the Observatory over this time.


Stage Four: 21st June

By this stage, the government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact. We hope to be able to offer Observatory accommodation in the hostel-style capacity we have operated under since we opened our new facility in 2016, with the only restriction being availability of beds.



If you would like to enquire about booking a room or bed at Spurn Bird Observatory during 2021, please email Jonnie on [email protected].

To book a caravan or motorhome onto the Kew Villa CL site, please ring 01964 650479.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and keeping up to date with the government’s latest guidelines and dates for the easing of lockdown restrictions. We will inform all of our friends and supporters of any changes to the accommodation available at Spurn Bird Observatory.

Thank you for your patience during this time and for all the support shown by the birding community and beyond.

We expect high demand for the accommodation options, so please book early to avoid disappointment!

“As we move through each of these phases in the roadmap, we must all remember that COVID-19 remains a part of our lives. We are going to have to keep living our lives differently to keep ourselves and others safe. We must carry on with ‘hands, face, space’. Comply with the COVID-Secure measures that remain in place. Meet outdoors when we can and keep letting fresh air in. Get tested when needed. Get vaccinated when offered. If we all continue to play our part, we will be that bit closer to a future that is more familiar.”-

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Posted: 17 May 2021