SBOT 2021 Auction

Following the success of several auctions we launched last year, we have another one for you. All proceeds from this auction will go towards developing the land that we are in the process of buying behind Cliff Farm, should this fall through it'll go towards our land bank fund for future land purchases.

We have very kindly been donated a substantial Ornithological book collection, as well as some quality artwork for which we are extremely grateful to the kind donations. We hope you find something on the auction list that you would like to bid on and enjoy the bidding process! We have pulled together 35 lots to bid on, detailed below.

This is an online auction, with bids sent to [email protected], full instructions below, each item has a reserve on it and won't be sold unless that reserve is met. You will be notified by email to confirm your bid initially and if you are the highest bidder and if/when you get outbid with the new highest bid. Please check your junk email to make sure you don't miss these emails!

The auction will run until 12:00hrs on 15th March 2021. Whomever is the highest bidder at this point wins the item and will be requested to pay via PayPal/bank transfer/cheque etc. 

Due to the current lockdown situation, there may be a slight delay in getting some of the items to the winning bidder, however if this is the case then we won't request the money until the item can be posted or collected. As some of the items are quite large they may be collection only, but this can be arranged via email with the winning bidder, but please keep this in mind when bidding.

The items up for auction are;


1. Original mounted Red-eyed Vireo by Ray Scally (with mount 28x38cm)

2. An original John Law framed painting of flowers 44x55cm

3. An original John Law framed painting of Iris' and Poppies 56x46cm

4. An original John Law mounted painting of a Crab Pot Store in Northumberland, 20x30cm

5. The Birds of South America: Volume 1 - The Oscine Passerines and The Birds of South America: Volume 2 - The Suboscine Passerines

Dust covers slightly worn. All edges slightly mottled with damp /fungus. Insides in good condition.

6. HBW Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World (2-Volume Set)

Dust covers show slight wear. Vol 2 has large crease on page one. Otherwise, both volumes almost mint.

7. The Birds of Africa Vol 1234567

Wear and tear on dust covers. Vol 4 dust cover badly torn. Books themselves all essentially mint.

8. Best Birdwatching Sites in Yorkshire

Mint, but with many pencil annotations inside.

9. Britain’s Birds

Cover slightly worn with small ink mark. Inners mint.

10. A Field Guide to the rare birds of Britain and Europe by Lewington

Cover slightly worn. Insides mint.

11. The Birds of the Western Palearctic Concise (2 Volume set)

Box shows slight wear. Books mint.

12. The Birds of Israel by Shirihai

Heavy wear on dust cover. Book in good condition.

13. Extinct Birds


14. Butterflies of Yorkshire

Good condition

15. Birds of the Atlantic Islands

Cover slightly worn, inners almost mint

16. Birds of the Canary Islands

Cover very slightly worn, inners almost mint

17. Collins Bird Guide 2nd Edition

Cover rather worn. Page one damaged. Otherwise good condition.

18. Guide to the Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

Stain on cover. Small number of annotations in index. Otherwise mint.


19. Birds of the Middle East and North Africa

Cover worn. Inners in good condition.

20. Field Guide to the Birds of the Middle East

Cover with moderate/heavy wear. Frequent pencil annotation inside, but otherwise inners in good condition.

21. Seabirds: An Identification Guide

Cover rather worn. Sides showing slight fungal mottling. Inners almost mint.

22. Shorebirds: An Identification Guide

Dust cover slightly worn. Book in mint condition.

23. Albatrosses, Petrels and Shearwaters

Cover slightly worn, inners in good condition.

24. The Helm Guide to Bird Identification

Cover slightly worn. Edges heavily marked. Inner good condition.

25. A photographic guide to Insects of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

Light wear on cover. Inners mint.

26. Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands


27. New Holland Field Guide to Birds of South East Asia

Good condition

28. A Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo

Cover slightly worn. Inners good condition but with frequent pencil annotation.

29. Birds of the Solomons, Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Cover slightly worn. Regular pencil annotation on inners, otherwise good condition.

30. Birds of Melanesia


31. Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America

Very good condition

32. Western Birds (Peterson)

Cover in good condition. Inners mint.

33. A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru

Fairly heavily used. Pencil annotations throughout.

34. Mrs Moreau’s Warbler How Birds Got their Names


35. The Largest Avian Radiation The Evolution of Perching Birds, or the Order Passeriformes



1. To place a bid on an item, simply email [email protected] and state the item name and number above in your email, along with your bid.

2. You will then recieve and email to confirm your bid has been received and whether or not you are the highest bidder and/or when you get outbid. If you do not recieve this email please check your junk folder

3. At the end of the auction we will email all winning bidders to confirm they have won the item and arrange postage/payment etc.


We hope you enjoy this auction, please dig deep and help support the Observatory whilst also winning valuable prizes. Any questions about items in the auction can be sent to [email protected]

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Posted: 15 February 2021

SBOT 2021 Auction