From Wednesday 14th October 2020 further government guidance was enforced across England to combat the spread of COVID-19, including the creation of three ‘tiers’: medium, high and very high to reflect the relative risk off this coronavirus. 

While guidance for areas in ‘alert level medium’ remains pretty much the same as it has done for the past few weeks, the guidance for areas in high and very high tiers does impact on visiting the Spurn area and staying at the Observatory. Currently the Spurn area is within the ‘high’ tier (aka Tier 2). 

All the guidance can be found here:

Among other restrictions, those living within an area deemed ‘alert level high’:
Must not socialise with anybody outside of your household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place.
- Must not socialise in a group of more than six outside, including in a garden or other spaces like beaches or parks (other than where specific exemptions apply in law).
We expect visitors to the Spurn area to be adhering to these guidelines, and making an extra effort to maintain social distancing, not congregating in groups or socialising outside of their household/’bubble’. If in doubt, we would suggest not visiting the Spurn area.

Among other restrictions, those living within an area deemed ‘alert level very high’: 

Must not socialise with anybody you do not live with, or have formed a support bubble with, in any indoor setting or in any private garden or at most outdoor hospitality venues and ticketed events.
- Must not socialise in a group of more than six in an outdoor public space such as a park or beach, the countryside, a public garden or a sports venue.
Avoid travelling outside the very-high alert level area you are in or entering a very-high alert level area, other than for things like work, education or youth services, to meet caring responsibilities or if you are travelling through as part of a longer journey
Avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK if you are resident in a very-high alert level area, or avoid staying overnight in a very-high alert level area if you are resident elsewhere

Sadly, the safest interpretation of these restrictions for those living within ‘very high’ tier is that they should not be travelling to the Spurn area, or staying locally. We would urge those who have accommodation booked for the rest of the autumn to bear all this in mind, and make alternate arrangements if necessary, including cancelling trips outside of their 'very high’ tier areas.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and keeping up to date with the government’s latest guidelines. We will inform all of our friends and supporters of any changes to the accommodation available at Spurn Bird Observatory.
Thank you for your patience during this time and for all the support shown by the birding community and beyond.


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Posted: 16 October 2020