New Contact Email Address

Our old email address [email protected] was recently hacked. Someone managed to gain access to the account and sent some spam emails from the account as well as deleting all our old emails. We quickly realised and changed password, however to be on the safe side we have now decided to switch accounts as we no longer trust the security from Outlook.


So we have now changed our main contact email to info at (replace the at with @ and remove spaces) Please change this in your contact lists. This is the general contact email for the Observatory, the email remains the same for accomodation bookings. We will be emailing all Friends of Spurn to also let them know. Any emails sent to the old email account should hopefully still forward onto our new email for the next 60-days.


If you have recently emailed us and haven't heard back then please resend your email as the hacker deleted our inbox and we were unable to recover it.

We thank you for your patience with this issue and your continued support.

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Posted: 23 September 2020

New Contact Email Address