1cy female Collared Flycatcher 10th August 2020

A 1cy female Collared Flycatcher was trapped and ringed at the Warren this morning. Identified by the combination of the following;

- Extensive white wing flash, extending to a small spot on P4 and around 1.5mm beyond the primary coverts at its longest point.

- Wing measurement of 83.5mm (Pied Flycatchers to a max 82mm (per Svensson)

- Extensive white along outer web of T4 (most Pied Flys have a black T4 and only a few show a small amount)

- Nice broad really white tips to greater coverts

- Did not appear to show a ghosting of a rump or collar in the field, (some photos show a slight hint of a greyish rump area), a slight greyish tint to upper tail coverts 

-  Mantle shade same as Pied Flycatcher in direct comparison, no obvious greyish tones to it

- P2 = 4/5

- No calls were heard

A few feathers were dropped during the ringing process and will be sent for DNA testing to hopefully prove our thoughts on this subtle identification of a tricky species/age group







It continued to show on and off from late morning, before dissapeared in the afternoon before re-appearing in the evening.

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Posted: 10 August 2020

1cy female Collared Flycatcher 10th August 2020