SBOT Lockdown Quiz no.4 European Wildlife

Looking for something to do this weekend? We've now launched our European Wildlife quiz for you to have a go at.

There are 30 top quality questions all about European Wildlife, the prize for the best score? An copy of James Lowens '52 European Wildlife Weekends

There is an entrance fee of £3, the easiest way to pay is through PayPal on our shop site here if you can't do PayPal then our Chairman will be able to sort you out, drop him an email on [email protected]


1. To enter the quiz you need to go to our online shop link here and buy a ticket through PayPal.

2. Once you have paid your £3, you will get an email with the quiz in Microsoft Word format.

3. Follow the instructions on top of the quiz sheet, fill it out and send it back

You'll have until 00:00 on Friday 29th May to complete the quiz.

Big thanks to James Lowen for the prize for this quiz! 

We hope you enjoy the quiz!

For those who took part in quiz no.4 on World Birding thank you very much for your support. The answers are detailed below;

World Birding

1. Collared Lory, Pink-billed Parrotfinch and Orange Fruit Dove are all endemic to which country?


2. What is the title of Phoebe Snetsinger’s autobiography?

Birding on borrowed time

3. Identify the species in the picture below.


Mountain Serpent Eagle

4. Rufous Hornero is the national bird of which country?


5. Keoladeo National Park is the official name of which Asian birding hotspot?


6. In which year and country was the last confirmed record of Imperial Woodpecker?

1956, Mexico

7. Using IOC guidelines who many species has the former ‘Red-bellied Pitta’ now been split into?


8. How many species of bird-of-paradise occur on the island of Halmahera and can you name it/them for bonus point/s?

2 – Wallace’s Standardwing and Halmahera Paradise Crow

9. Identify the species in the picture below.

  Guayaquil Woodpecker


10. Which British birders wrote the book ‘The Biggest Twitch’ after breaking the world year listing record in 2008?

Alan Davies & Ruth Miller

11. In which year was the Jocotoco Antpitta discovered?


12. How many species of Nuthatch breed in Europe?


13. Sandy Komito, Al Levantine and Greg Miller are the subjects of which birding book?

The Big Year

14. Identify the species in the picture below.


Eurasian Pygmy Owl

15. How many species of Finfoot are there in the world?


16. Which South American passerine went unrecorded in the 20th Century until 2 were seen over a period of several days in Serra dos Orgaos, Brazil in 1996 and has not been conclusively recorded since?

Kinglet Calyptura

17. The Kagu is endemic to which island?

New Caledonia

18. Which two artists illustrated the book ‘New World Warblers’ first published by Helm in 1994?

David Beadle & David Quinn

19. Identify the species in the picture below.

Mottled Wood Owl


20. What is considered to be the rarest duck and possibly the rarest bird in the world?

Madagascar Pochard

21. Which species of macaw was declared extinct in the wild in the year 2000?

Spix’s Macaw

22. Kaikoura is a pelagic hotspot in which country?

New Zealand

23. How many species of Broadbill occur in Africa?


24. Identify the species in the picture below.


Crimson Topaz

25. Banc D’Arguin is a key birding site (particularly with respect to waders, guls, terns and cormorants) in which country?


26. Which species is the state bird of Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina?

Northern Cardinal

27. Identify the species in the picture below

Roadside Hawk

28. Which species of grebe was not discovered until 1974?


Hooded Grebe

29. The Lady Mile, Zakiki Pools and Mandria Beach are birding spots on which island?


30. Identify the species in the picture below.


 Cape Sugar Bird


Total Marks = 35

Congratulations to winner, Nick Oliver 33/35.


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During these troubling times, the Observatory is in need of our friends' support more than ever. Rather than just launch a ‘Go-Fund-Me-donation-push’ we as a committee have decided that the best way to be fair to everyone is to run a series of quizzes, prize draws and auctions which we believe will be much more engaging and provide some entertainment for all, whilst supporting the Observatory. The prizes will range in value from a few pounds to several thousand pounds. We are also planning to screen a series of Spurn online talks over the coming weeks that will include subjects related to the Observatory, ID features and assorted birding/migration topics.

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Posted: 23 May 2020

SBOT Lockdown Quiz no.4 European Wildlife