We've now launched our Spurn Bird Obs Lock Down Quiz No.3! 

We hope you enjoyed taking part in the last two quizzes, if you didn't take part, nows the time to join in. This quiz consists of 30 general knowledge questions, with the prize being a meal for two and a bottle of wine at the Coach & Horses pub, Welwick!

There is an entrance fee of £3, the easiest way to pay is through PayPal on our shop site here if you can't do PayPal then our Chairman will be able to sort you out, drop him an email on [email protected]


1. To enter the quiz you need to go to our online shop link here and buy a ticket through PayPal.

2. Once you have paid your £3, you will get an email with the quiz in Microsoft Word format.

3. Follow the instructions on top of the quiz sheet, fill it out and send it back

You'll have until 00:00 on Friday 8th May to complete the quiz.

Thanks to Claire and James at the Coach & Horses, Welwick for the prize for this quiz! A fine establishment and just a few villages away from us here at the Obs! 

We hope you enjoy the quiz!

For those who took part in quiz no.2 thank you very much for your support. The answers are detailed below;

British* Birding

(*note that Irish records are not included in any of the answers to the questions below)

1. As of 24th January 2020 what is the total number of species on the official British List?

A: 621

2. What was the first accredited British bird observatory and in which year did it open?

A: Skokholm, 1933

3. How many species of heron/egret are there on the British list?

A: 14

4. What is the collective noun for a group of woodpeckers?

A: Descent

5. Identify the bird in the picture below.


A: Northern Hawk Owl

6. How many ‘firsts for Britain’ were recorded in 1989 and can you name them?

A: Golden-winged Warbler; Double-crested Cormorant; Swinhoe’s Petrel; Great Knot; Red-breasted Nuthatch

7. Sprosser is the old/alternative name of which species?

A: Thrush Nightingale

8. In which year did Minsmere become an RSPB reserve?

A: 1947

9. Where was the first American Robin recorded in Britain?

A: Lundy

10. Which Yorkshire birder found the first Lark Sparrow for Britain?

A: Trevor Charlton

11. Identify the bird in the picture below

A: Least Sandpiper


12. Fifty percent of the British records of Eastern Crowned Warbler are from Yorkshire – Hunley Golf Course, Brotton in 2014 and Bempton Cliffs in 2016, but where and in which years were the other two records?

A: Trow Quarry 2009, Hillfield Park Reservoir 2011

13. Which birder who learnt his trade at Wath Ings is now the longest serving warden of Bardsey Bird Observatory?

A: Steven Stansfield

14. Bonaparte’s Sandpiper is the old/alternative name for which species?

A: White-rumped Sandpiper

15. In October 2004, two firsts for Britain were found in the space of 12 days on Fair Isle – what were they?

A: Chestnut-eared Bunting and Rufous-tailed Robin

16. Identify the bird in the picture below

A: Little Swift


17. In the autumn of which year were Short-toed Eagle, Blue Rock Thrush, Siberian Thrush and White’s Thrush all recorded on Scilly?

A: 1999

18. Pomarine Skua is on the emblem of which British bird observatory?

A: Dungeness

19. Since 1970 in which year/years was the highest total of firsts for Britain recorded, and for a bonus point what was the total?

A: 1981 and 1982, 9 in each year

20. Identify the bird in the picture below

A: Lesser Grey Shrike


21. Which Norfolk birder was known as the ‘Guardian of the East Bank’?

A: Richard Richardson

22. Which taxonomic group/family does the Bearded Tit belong to?

A: Parrotbills (Panuridae)

23. Which British breeding bird is this cryptic clue referring to – ‘Fuel for bad weather perhaps’?

A: Storm Petrel

24. Identify the bird in the picture below.

A: Garden Warbler


25. Who was the founder of Rare Bird Alert?

A: Dick Filby

26. In which year was Flamborough accredited as a bird observatory?

A: 2002

27. How many firsts for Britain have been recorded on the Isle of May, and for bonus points can you name them?

A: Pied Wheatear, Isabelline Shrike, Siberian Thrush, Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

28. ‘Rice unman letter’ is an anagram of which species on the British list?

A: Ancient Murrelet

29. Identify the bird in the picture below.


A: Blyth’s Pipit

30. Up to and including the end of 2008 which bird observatory held the record for both the number of species ringed and the total number of individual birds ringed?

A: Fair Isle

Total Points = 46

Congratulations to winner, Eugene Dillon-Hopper with a score of 45/46.


Vouchers: In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we have now added vouchers to our online shop. These can be used for purchases of Spurn Bird Observatory merchandise, accommodation costs for staying at the Observatory and events. Please note these are not redeemable on the Spurn Migration Festival 2020. We are also unable to redeem the vouchers through the online shop for the moment.

These vouchers are designed so that you can support the Observatory during these hard times and redeem them once the lockdown/COVID-19 outbreak is over.

During these troubling times, the Observatory is in need of our friends' support more than ever. Rather than just launch a ‘Go-Fund-Me-donation-push’ we as a committee have decided that the best way to be fair to everyone is to run a series of quizzes, prize draws and auctions which we believe will be much more engaging and provide some entertainment for all, whilst supporting the Observatory. The prizes will range in value from a few pounds to several thousand pounds. We are also planning to screen a series of Spurn online talks over the coming weeks that will include subjects related to the Observatory, ID features and assorted birding/migration topics.

Finally it just leaves us to say please do look after yourselves and others by staying at home, stay safe and save lives.

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Posted: 01 May 2020