SBOT Lockdown Quiz no.2

We've now launched our Spurn Bird Obs Lock Down Quiz No.2! 

We hope you enjoyed taking part in the first quiz, if you didn't take part, nows the time to join in. This quiz consists of 30 questions all about British Birds, with the prize being a years subscription to British Birds!

There is an entrance fee of £3, the easiest way to pay is through PayPal on our shop site here if you can't do PayPal then our Chairman will be able to sort you out, drop him an email on [email protected]


1. To enter the quiz you need to go to our online shop link here and buy a ticket through PayPal.

2. Once you have paid your £3, you will get an email with the quiz in Microsoft Word format.

3. Follow the instructions on top of the quiz sheet, fill it out and send it back

You'll have until 00:00 on Monday 27th April to complete the quiz.

Big thanks to our friends at British Birds for donating a years subscription for use as a prize for this quiz, of course if you are already a subscriber then this can be used to extend your current subscription by a year without costing you anything!

We hope you enjoy the quiz!

Vouchers: In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we have now added vouchers to our online shop. These can be used for purchases of Spurn Bird Observatory merchandise, accommodation costs for staying at the Observatory and events. Please note these are not redeemable on the Spurn Migration Festival 2020. We are also unable to redeem the vouchers through the online shop for the moment.

These vouchers are designed so that you can support the Observatory during these hard times and redeem them once the lockdown/COVID-19 outbreak is over.


During these troubling times, the Observatory is in need of our friends' support more than ever. Rather than just launch a ‘Go-Fund-Me-donation-push’ we as a committee have decided that the best way to be fair to everyone is to run a series of quizzes, prize draws and auctions which we believe will be much more engaging and provide some entertainment for all, whilst supporting the Observatory. The prizes will range in value from a few pounds to several thousand pounds. We are also planning to screen a series of Spurn online talks over the coming weeks that will include subjects related to the Observatory, ID features and assorted birding/migration topics.


Last Weeks Quiz

For all those who took part in last weeks no.1 quiz on 'The birds, birders and other wildlife of Spurn' the answers are;

Q1. Excluding recent splits and Baikal Teal (as this record remains under review by the BBRC) what are the 5 most recent additions to the Spurn bird list?

A: Dusky Thrush, Baird’s Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs, Brown Shrike and Pine Bunting

Q2. Which local Spurn birder has the second highest ‘Spurn list’ behind long serving former warden Barry Spence?
A: Steve Exley

Q3. Which species of dragonfly bred at Spurn (taking advantage of the ponds on Sykes Field) for the first time in 2019?
A: Hairy Dragonfly

Q4. How many records of Greater Sand Plover have there been in the Spurn recording area?
A: 3

Q5. How many officially accepted ‘firsts for Britain’ (birds) are on the Spurn List? Name each one for additional points.
A: 4 – Black Lark, Penduline Tit, Arctic Redpoll and Stilt Sandpiper

Q6. Which species of butterfly has an isolated colony in the Point dunes, particularly favouring the privet bushes by the VTS Tower?
A: Green Hairstreak

Q7. In September 2014 a Masked Shrike was found at Spurn, how many previous British records had there been?
A: 2

Q8. How many species of Sylvia warbler on the British list have not been recorded at Spurn and can you name them?
A: 6 - Moltoni’s Warbler, Dartford Warbler, Eastern Orphean Warbler, Western Orphean Warbler, Spectacled Warbler, Ruppell’s Warbler

Q9. Which moth was recorded for the first time at Spurn when one was trapped in Church Field on 30 th July 2018?
A: Tree Lichen Beauty

Q10. Which long time Spurn birder found Spurn’s first and Britain’s second Siberian Accentor in October 2016?
A: Lance Degnan

Q11. What was the first American passerine to be recorded at Spurn and in which year?
A: Song Sparrow, 1964

Q12. Up to and including 2018 how many records of Nuthatch have there been at Spurn?
A: 13

Q13. Which butterfly colonist from the south was first recorded in Yorkshire at Spurn and was been recorded in small numbers in both 2018 and 2019 following an absence of records for 5 years?
A: Essex Skipper

Q14. In which year did Paul Collins take over as Warden at Spurn?
A: 2003

Q15. On which date were an incredible 4 Red-footed Falcons, an Alpine Swift and a Red-rumped Swallow recorded flying south past Numpties watchpoint?
A: 28th May 2017

Q16. In which year did the first Spurn Migfest take place?
A: 2013

Q17. How many species of mammal were recorded at Spurn in 2017?
A: 24

Q18. Which American passerine spent the autumn and much of the winter at Spurn in 1975/76, and would have been the second record for Britain if it had not been rejected due to being suspected to have escaped from captivity, despite the possibility of it being ship assisted?
A: Rufous-sided Towhee/Spotted Towhee

Q19. Which species of warbler was trapped and ringed at Spurn on both 14th September 2008 and 16th September 2016?
A: Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler

Q20. In which two consecutive years was Lesser Crested Tern recorded on Beacon Ponds?
A: 1993, 1994

Q21. Which dragonfly was first recorded at Spurn on 13 th October 2018, and was followed by an influx in summer 2019?
A: Vagrant Emperor

Q22. Which first for Spurn was found on Beacon Lane on 13 th August 2006?
A: Paddyfield Warbler

Q23. Which birder and artist painted the ‘warbler tree’ painting which can be found in the Observatory Common Room?
A: George Edwards

Q24. In which year was the first seawatching hide erected at the Warren?
A: 1965

Q25. How many species of swift have been recorded at Spurn?

Q26. Which local birder found Spurn’s first Blackpoll Warbler in his garden in November 2014?
A: Mick Turton

Q27. What is the most commonly recorded species of cetacean at Spurn?
A: Harbour Porpoise

Q28. Which species was initially placed on the British list as the first for Britain following a record in October 1968, but was subsequently rejected following a review and then finally readmitted to the British list following a record at Filey in May 1992?
A: Spectacled Warbler

Q29. In which year was Kilnsea Wetlands constructed by the Environment Agency?
A: 2011

Q30. In which year was the first Great White Egret recorded at Spurn?
A: 1974


Finally it just leaves us to say please do look after yourselves and others by staying at home, stay safe and save lives.

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Posted: 20 April 2020

SBOT Lockdown Quiz no.2