Year of Green Action Community Fund Grant

Since receiving the exciting news from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council that our bid to ‘’Year of Green Action Community Fund’’ was successful we have we have been busy planning and working on site with numerous work parties on the habitat development/improvements at Sykes Field.

The site was a former caravan site with large stone hardstanding areas which had little if any ecological value and formed a blot on the Heritage Coast. The works have consisted of stone removal with the debris recycled as paths through to Corner Field, allowing better accessibility for visitors (including those with disabilities).  A layer of screened topsoil will form a substrate for the wild bird wildflower seed mix which has been laid over the area around the six new apple and plum trees. Tree Sparrow nest boxes have also been added to the area to encourage breeding birds.

The wildlife habitat created by this grant will benefit wide range of both breeding and migratory birds, and also insects, particularly dragonflies and butterflies. The area will provide a valuable breeding and feeding space for species such as Tree Sparrows, categorised as ‘red’ by the RSPB.

The occupancy of the nest boxes will be monitored and recorded. All migrant and breeding birds, moths, butterflies, dragonflies and other invertebrates will also be recorded throughout the year and all data will be included within the Observatory’s annual report.

The final result of the works funded by the grant will become apparent in the summer of 2020 and it will result in an aesthetically pleasing vibrant area for visitors to the Spurn area and the Heritage Coast. This, linked with the adjacent area, will provide ample opportunities for guided walks and pond dipping to showcase the wonderful insect life in this locality particularly dragonflies.

Many thanks also to the many volunteers who gave up their time to contribute to this wonderful project – THANK YOU

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Posted: 13 January 2020

Year of Green Action Community Fund Grant