Name change for Blue Bell Ponds

SBOT was very fortunate to be able to purchase a great plot of land earlier this year to further our work in creating willdife-friendly habitat here in the Spurn area. Thanks to a very generous loan and a donation from bird tour company Bird Holidays, we bought the land of the former camping and caravan site named Blue Bell Ponds. So far this year there has been mucch work undertaken to improve the area for wildlife, and we have big plans for the future to tap the full potential of this site for wildlife. 

In our April newsletter, we asked all our Friends of Spurn to put ideas forward for a new name for this area, which we will use on signage and on reports/sightings of birds and other wildlife at this site. Suggestions were put anonymously to the SBOT committee at their May meeting. A long and varied list of potential monikers for this land were assessed and in the end, the name Sykes Field was chosen, both for its nod towards this piece of land's previous owner and as a reminder for the modern day bush basher of the very real chance of finding a Sykes's Warbler flicking its tail in the willows here ... dare to dream! 

Sykes Field (Spurn recording area acronym SYF) will be used from now on when referring to sightings or news from this area. A short history of Sykes Field by local historian Jan Crowther will be included in the SBOT June newsletter.

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted their ideas for names, everyone who has lent their hands to improving this area for wildlife (and we will be having more work parties here to get involved with) and to all our Friends and supporters who allow us to be able to keep operating to monitor and create habitat for the wildlife of the Spurn area. 

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Posted: 09 June 2019