John Lewis Spedan Foundation Grant

We have been lucky enough to receive a significant grant from the John Lewis Spedan Foundation to
improve our Corner Field. The work carried out there will improve the habitat for a wide range of
both breeding and migratory birds, and insects (particularly dragonflies and butterflies, including the
Gatekeeper which is now on the north-eastern edge of its range at Spurn). Perhaps most importantly
from a conservation perspective we will be targeting the work we do in here towards Tree Sparrows
and Turtle Doves, through planting of beneficial crops, trees and placement of nest boxes.

The development of Corner Field will also enhance our work in monitoring bird migration trends and
populations through ringing. Planting one or two small copses of trees/shrubs in the field will
improve opportunities for ‘mist netting’ migrant birds (as well as providing vital areas for shelter and
feeding for the birds).

The project will aim to improve the habitat with regard to the requirements for these key species
and improve the facilities to allow visitors to view the area whilst causing minimum disturbance.
Pathway improvements here will allow better accessibility for visitors (including those with
disabilities). Developing the area for ringing will allow members of the public to view ringing in
action, allowing them to see a wide range of breeding and migratory birds in the hand and learn
about bird migration in general.

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Posted: 15 March 2019

John Lewis Spedan Foundation Grant