400th Spurn Species Sweepstake

We've recently launched a sweepstake for the 400th species to be recorded in the Spurn area, the list currently stands on 399 (pending acceptance of Baird's Sandpiper and Dusky Thrush both this autumn.) But as it stands at present, we are one species away from the Spurn recording area reaching the big 400.

This is a fairly traditional sweepstake, the likes of which Andy Roadhouse and Paul Collins were fond of starting in the Crown when the next day looks good for birds.

It will be £5 per species/entry to take part. Half of this will go to the Obs and half into the sweepstake kitty. 

Instead of choosing your species, you pick your species randomly out of a hat if you can do it in person, or Jonnie Fisk will do it for you if taking part from afar.

You will need to pay the £5 upfront, either in person with Jonnie at the Obs or get in touch with Jonnie to arrange if wishing to take part from afar on [email protected]

(The fine print: 
-The 'winning' 400th bird in question must be accepted by the BBRC(/BOU...) and/or the YNU for the relevant Yorkshire rarities.

-You may enter the sweepstake as many times as you like, but at £5 a time of course.)

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Posted: 07 November 2018

400th Spurn Species Sweepstake