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Friends of Spurn Bird Observatory

Spurn has long been a fantastic place for watching birds where else can you see visible migration, grounded migrants, seabirds and estuary birds, as well as rarities all on the same day?

Spurn Bird Observatory is Britain’s most exciting east coast birding location and has provided accommodation for nearly sixty years for thousands of people who enjoy watching birds and other wildlife. However Spurn is part of the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, this coastal erosion and the environment agencies recent decision not to raise the sea defences means the buildings we have historically used will only last a few more years at most before succumbing to the sea.
We have long had ambitions and determination to develop a modern new Observatory and in late 2015 we achieved this with the purchase of our new home. The new building fully complements Spurn’s position as the number one observatory in the country. It has excellent facilities for the use of visiting birdwatchers and other naturalists and we believe it is somewhere every birder will want to visit. However to do this we have had to take on a large mortgage and to reduce this we need the support of the wider birding community.

Spurn Bird Observatory has always been managed by volunteers and is entirely self-funding, the gate money visitors pay is to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the observatory receive no part of this, thus our income is limited and the friends of Spurn scheme makes up a large proportion of it.

Please think of all the good days and fond memories you have of Spurn, and help us by becoming a “Friend of Spurn Bird Observatory”.

In return we will:

  • Send you a free annual report
  • Provide you with reduced price accommodation starting at £16 instead of £20 per night
  • Keep you up to date with bird news and events
  • Send out regular newsletters
  • Provide privileged access to the Church Field and Corner Field and the Kew Villa viewing area.

As the “Friends of Spurn Bird Observatory” develops we will make it more attractive, with special offers and more involvement for the members in the running of the observatory.

We will also be undertaking management work to improve the attractiveness of both the church and corner fields to birds. Church field has so far produced Red flanked Bluetail, Radde’s Warbler, Olive backed Pipit, Serin and Rose coloured Starling. Can you afford to not have access? It could be the “BIG ONE” next.

Please download a membership form here and help us take Spurn to the next level

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