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2016 Spurn Wildlife report recieves praise

03 May 2017

Steve Holliday writes of the 2016 report “It’s fantastic, buy a copy — end of review!” Surely that can’t be it?

He actually goes further and states “In summary, this is a top class B5-format bird report which oozes quality, from the front cover painting of the Siberian Accentor by Ian Lewington to the fold-out stiffened back cover, which includes a magnificently clear map of the recording area. The content in between is sumptuous and has clearly been put together by a very strong production team of writers, editors, proofreaders, artists, photographers and design & production team”.

Strong praise indeed, to read his glowing review in full click here and to buy your own copy please visit our online shop

2016 Spurn Wildlife report recieves praise
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