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Friends of Spurn: Lifetime Guardian membership

30 November 2015

“Friends Of Spurn” makes a huge difference to the success of the bird observatory and our membership has now broken through the 550 barrier! It was only 5 years ago when we had 200 members so the support and commitment for Spurn continues to grow in a very positive way. In view of this (and a few requests) we have now decided to introduce a new category called “Lifetime Guardian Membership” which we hope you will find of interest. To become a friend of Spurn for life the rates are £450 and £600 respectively for single and family membership. The benefits are the same as previous but with the protection against future price increases and you will be helping raise much needed funding for the new observatory building.

You can complete you membership on our online shop (accessed from the homepage),
or by contacting: Jack Ashton-Booth, SBOT membership secretary, C/O Kew Villa, Kilnsea, East Yorkshire, HU12 OUG. Tel: 01964 650479, email friendsofspurn@hotmail.com

Friends of Spurn: Lifetime Guardian membership
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