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27 February 2015

Some people will be aware that Andy Roadhouse has been working on a new book of the birds of Spurn for the last few seven years. This will be a definitive work on the Spurn area, covering the whole area to include Easington and all records found published since about 1850. We are hoping to have the book published in March 2016.
It is intended to be a book that doesn’t go out of date, as any FRIEND OF SPURN BIRD OBSERVATORY who buys a book will receive an annual updated list by email to print off that will include new species, new record counts, early/late dates, ringing totals etc, this will fit into a separate sleeve that will come with the book.
We are hoping to fund the book by species sponsorship so that then any sale will generate money for the Observatory, with any profits going directly into a ‘new observatory appeal fund’. The minimum pledge for a species is £20, but please pledge more if you wish (some common migrants or outstanding Spurn specialities have already got much higher pledges for them), the person who pledges most will have their name mentioned at the bottom of each species account i.e Sponsored by Andy Roadhouse. There is no money to pay at the moment, we will email successful sponsors nearer the time.
If you can email friendsofspurn@hotmail.com with your choice of species and you can pledge for as many species as you wish, but if you want to just pledge for one can you also choose a couple more in case someone bids higher for you first choice, so please mention first, second or third choice also by each species. Finders of a First for Spurn will have first refusal on that species.
Also we would like to hear from you if you would be interested in buying the book, so that we have an idea on how many to have printed which will determine the cost. The intention will also be to have a reduced rate for the sale of the book to Friends of Spurn Bird Observatory and /or a prepublication offer (this will be decided nearer the time, at the moment we are just trying to gauge how many we will have printed. It will be a considerable book nearly A4 sized and probably in the 400-500 pages mark, full colour and excellently illustrated by well-known artists and photographers.
If you would like a Spurn species list emailing to choose from the please contact the email above.

Andy Roadhouse

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