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A few words about the Migration festival: Birdwatching Magazine

24 July 2014

Bird Watching Magazine is coming to the Migration Festival: Editor Matt Merritt tells us why…

Migration, I think, inspires more people to become birdwatchers (and hopefully readers of Bird Watching), than any other single aspect of our pastime. In part it’s because of the spectacular scenes that it can involve, from Waxwings stripping berry trees in a city centre car-park to falls of rare migrants at places like Spurn, but there’s something deeper to it, too. The arrival of familiar visitors such as Swifts is a reassurance that the world is still (just about) working as it should, but the most potent magic of migration is the way in which it reminds you that anything can turn up anywhere, at any time. That, for us, is what makes birdwatching so special – no matter where you are in Britain, you’re constantly on the edge of surprise.

With that in mind, Bird Watching will be at the Spurn Migration Festival with subscription offers, readers’ holidays and more, but most of all to hear the stories of migration that the birdwatchers of Britain have to tell. Spurn’s a legendary migration-watching spot at which birds cross paths from all directions, and the Festival has the potential to bring birders together in a similar way, from all around these shores and beyond.

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and this guy says he is hoping to be at the Spurn Migration Festival as well:

Wryneck- potential visitor to the Migration Festival..

Have you booked your Migfest tickets?

Tickets are now on sale! Spurn Migration Festival Please call 01904 659570 or email Yorkshire Wildlife Trust info@ywt.org.uk.

The Spurn Migration Festival runs from the 5th – 7th September 2014 and the prices are as follows: £14 for a day ticket, £21 for the weekend ticket and £8 for the evening lecture with delicious hog roast.

The event is hosted by Spurn bird observatory and YWT in partnership with
Birding Frontiers and Westmere Farm.

A few words about the Migration festival: Birdwatching Magazine
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