Spurn Bird Observatory

Tidal surge flooding

06 December 2013

You will all have heard about the tidal surge that struck on Thurs night and will no doubt be wondering how Spurn has fared, well the good news is there is no serious damage to any of the bird observatory’s infrastructure. There is extensive flooding in the triangle which will no doubt affect Dragonflies in both Clubley’s and canal scrapes which will take many years to recover and we may lose some trees/hedges all due to the incursion of salt water. But the good news is that both the Warren Cottage and Kew Villa were totally unaffected.
The village didn’t fare quite so well with many of the houses in Kilnsea being innundated with water, and there is a lot of mud and debris around. Perhaps worst hit was Sandy Beaches caravan site with many of the caravans in the south east of the site being wrecked.
The Peninsula itself didn’t come off too lightly with the road from the Warren area to the “Narrows” being completely washed out, 3 electric poles are virtually laying on their side and there in an enormous amount of sand that has been deposited in this area.
We didn’t venture any further south than this but it appears that the larger of the two hides at Chalk Bank has gone, the small original hide is still there.

The Pic below is where the road used to be just north of the narrows, the saltmarsh and road have completely gone and about a 4-5 foot depth of sand has been dumped onto the area. We will put more pics on the sightings page later.

Tidal surge flooding
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